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Commercial Floor Cleaning – Dallas & Collin County

Keep your office floors clean and bright. You’ll be surprised at how many people will notice. Daily wear and tear can leave floors looking old and dull. Whether it’s customers at your store, employees at the office, or children in the classroom, everyone in the building will appreciate clean floors.

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Cleaning for All Types of Hard Floor Surfaces

The pros at Omni Cleaning Service know how to clean and maintain all types of commercial flooring. Each type has different requirements and methods.

Benefits of Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Having clean floors promotes the work place environment. Not only your customers and clients notice, but employees will also appreciate the shine.

However, the benefits of properly maintaining your floors go beyond aesthetics. Regular maintenance will actually save you money. How? By protecting your floors you protect your investment.

Proper wax and sealants will minimize possible damage to your floors. Stains, discoloration and scratches are all more likely if the protective coating wears out. Moisture can seep into the floor, causing tiles to lift or crack.

While flooring can often be repaired, damage and premature wear may require replacing it sooner than you expected.

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Floor Polishing and Buffing

Daily cleaning, such as sweeping or mopping, will remove surface dust and dirt. But to make your floors really sparkle, have them regularly buffed and polished. Omni Cleaning will keep the floors in your facility looking great.

Floor Stripping and Waxing

If you have floors made of vinyl, epoxy, acrylic or VCT, stripping the floors and adding a new coat of wax is recommended.

Stripping the old layer will remove many of the scratches and imperfections caused by daily wear. Then we apply a new layer of commercial-grade wax to restore and protect your floors.

Performing this process regularly can keep your floors looking great for years. The frequency needed depends on how much traffic and usage the area gets. Stripping and waxing may have to be done anywhere from every six months to once every few years. We can recommend the ideal interval for your case.

Stone, Marble and Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

Stone flooring, along with marble and terrazzo, are known for elegance and durability. They are popular in restaurants, hotels, and other buildings. Despite their strength, stone floors need to be maintained. Proper sealing and regular cleaning will keep them looking good.

If they are not sealed and cleaned regularly, they may suffer stains, scratches, cracks and more.

Our crews at Omni Cleaning are trained to care for your stone floors and keep them looking great.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile floors, popular in commercial establishments, are both strong and durable. However, keeping the grout clean can be a chore. Grouting is known to retain moisture, which attracts dirt and grime. Eventually the grout will darken and may eventually harbor mold and mildew.

The experts at Omni Cleaning have the equipment and know how to attack that grimy grouting. We can restore it to shiny and clean condition.

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