Commercial Pressure Washing – Sachse, TX

Make a good first impression. The outside of your building is the first thing your customers and clients see.

Power wash your parking lot, sidewalk and entrance areas to make your building more appealing.

We’re based in Sachse, but we cover the north Dallas and Collin County areas.

dirty tiled patio
clean tiled patio

Parking Lot Power Washing

Parking lots are some of the worst looking parts of your business exterior. In addition to the normal dirt and grime, automotive fluids are especially tough to remove. Tire tracks also tarnish the appearance of your lot.

Don’t allow your parking lot to turn off your visitors.

Trust our expert pressure washing crew to remove the stains and restore your parking lot. Whether it’s asphalt or concrete, we know how to get it clean.

Pressure Washing for Sidewalks

Your sidewalks also need attention. Dirty or slippery surfaces reflect poorly on a business.

Along with your parking lot, your sidewalks are an important first impression for your customers.

Pressure Washing for Patios

If you have outdoor seating areas, they should also be power washed to maintain a presentable appearance.


We can handle the hard surfaces of your playground areas. Asphalt and cement should be power washed to fully remove stains.

How Often is Pressure Washing Needed?

The frequency depends on many factors. The weather plays a large part. Trees are also an important factor. They can drop sap and seeds on the ground, as well as attract birds. Shaded areas can even develop moss or algae.

We can assess the situation and make recommendations on how often your exterior areas should be cleaned.