General Cleaning
Omni offers a variety of janitorial services that are personalized to your business needs. Our team utilizes the best products and services to always maintain all areas clean and polish meeting your high standards.
Floor Services
There are many kinds of flooring and they all require a different cleaning method. Our experts ensure we use the best service there is to clean, sanitize, and disinfect your floors. Click here for more information about our commercial floor cleaning services.
Carpet Cleaning
We know that carpet is the top floor covering chosen by businesses and we want to protect your investment. We want your employees and customers to feel welcome when they enter your facility and that includes having clean carpets.

We also handle residential carpet cleaning.

For more information, see our carpet cleaning page.

Day Porter Service
Companies might not have the need to have a full janitorial company aboard but the help of a Day porter would be beneficial. Day porter service is adapted to the property necessities and its schedule. A day porter service helps with the cleaning but also with the safety of the building during business hours.
Cobweb Service
Our experts specialize in cobweb removal service. We have the accurate equipment to reach and clean all areas.
Construction Make-Ready Services
We have a make-ready team that specializes in preparing your properties for market. We want to help you get your properties ready so that they can be lease or sold immediately.
Power Washing
Our team provides pressure washing service to playgrounds, entrances, sidewalks, and parking lot areas. Giving your building a more appealing look.
Ground Floor Interior/Exterior Window Service
You have a vision for your business and we want to ensure the view in and out of your facility is clean. We are expertly trained in ground floor interior and exterior window cleaning.
Parking Lot Services
Our experts offer high quality parking lot cleaning service. This service ensures a clean image of your building and high standards of our company. This also protects your clients and employees, by having a clean parking lot. Vehicle safety at all times!